Monday, February 27, 2012

Loving Bohol

     I have three official accounts in facebook and when I signed in on my second account, I found pictures I took when I was in Bohol. Last year, our advertising subject had an educational tour in Cebu and Bohol. In Cebu, we visit to the different companies like IPI. Going to Bohol is not for company visit but for relaxation and beautiful scenery. I other words, Bohol is like a bonus in our tour. The place is so very solemn and all I can say is "WOW". You can breath fresh air and you can only see nice spots in there like the beaches. I remember when we went to Church which I forgot the name, my teacher asked me to leave because I'm wearing short pants and I was so embarrassed. HAHAHA.

      Anyway, we also went to Chocolate Hills and it's my first time to go there. I was really amaze of the place especially when we visit the Tarshier Conservation Area. According to the tour Guide, we need to keep quiet when taking some pictures because tarshiers are easily get stress and we should not take close-up pictures to them. The most exciting part was when we ate in a floating restaurant. I forgot if it was an "eat-all-you-can" but the foods were really delicious. 
    I will definitely go back in Bohol for vacation maybe next year of summer because spending money to travel in this place is very worthy. You will not be disappointed in the place especially the treatment of the people in there. You should to try to visit Bohol and I'm sure that you will really appreciate the place. :)

Cebu Port

Port of Tagbilaran

Floating Resto

With Sir
Tarshier Conservation Area
Smile :)
Godz in Chocolate Hills

Church (forgot the name)

How about you guys? Where's your favorite destination?

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