Friday, March 2, 2012

My March Wishlist

     Our graduation is fast approaching and I am so excited because finally there's already a good result of my hard work in studying. I have many plans after graduation like job-hunting, shopping and go to places that I like. Of course I need to work first in able to reach my goals in life and buy the things I want. This semester is really hard and tough for me because I have many requirements to do in able to graduate like Business Plan and On the Job Training and projects from other subjects. I have also a problem regarding my tuition because there are unknown accounts in my adzu portal :(
     Today I will share to you my wish list for this month and I'm wishing that I can have this as a graduation gift (any of these). 


        I really want to have a pair of this kind of shoes/sandals this month cause I don't have one yet and I'm into flats.

A heart shape makeup pallete
           I'm a makeup lover but I only have a 12 colors of eyeshadow so I want to have a new one with many colors/swatches.

sony cybershot Dsc-W620/B

           Just a sony cybershot will be fine to me and I will be very happy if I will have one as a gift :)

Acer pink laptop

          My pc monitor is not in a good condition so instead of buying one, I just prefer a laptop so that I can carry anywhere.


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