Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our OJT Final Presentation

    I was the most nervous person during our Final Presentation because my group was assigned to present first and I'm in charge in the introduction speech. I was afraid that time because the CEO might dislike our presentation especially our business plan. I really made our ppt very attractive and I made sure that all the details are there. It's a little bit pressure to me because I'm the leader in our group. Anyway, our presentation went well and also the other group. I was really amaze because some of the group were really impressive and I'm sure that all of us made our best effort.

    I just wanna thank the CEO of Soliventure Philippines Inc., Mr. Pocholo Soliven for giving us the opportunity to work as an intern in his business. I will really treasure the learning and experiences I had during the duty. I also like to thank our moderators Mr. Feliciano Montaño and Mr. Edwin Pamaran for guiding and supporting us from day one to last. Right now, I'm sure all of the Interns are really proud of themselves and excited in the incoming graduation. Congratulations to US!

with Sir Montaño

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