Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Online Shop

      Hi there Sissies! On my previous post last October, I mentioned that I'm planning to have my online clothing shop. The opening of my shop is very delayed because something unexpectedly came up into my life. But moving on, last week I decided to contact my suppliers to order stocks and I already upload teasers. 

      Earlier, I already uploaded the first batch of trendy tops and watches. Some of the trendy tops are already sold and it's a very good start for me!

The Watches

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Hello Kitty Watch with case- 175 Php

Ben 10 Watch with case-175 Php

The Case

The case

Skirt-185 Php

All Trendy Tops- 180 Php

For more details please visit Misschicshoppe Facebook page or email me at

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My New Blog List

             Hi Friends! I've been very busy these past few weeks that's why I wasn't able to find a time to update my new blog list. Anyway this will just be a short post for this day. I started blog hopping yesterday and I pick 5 bloggers to fill my blog list.

Yeng Constantino
       I always visit her blog because it keeps me updated on her life. She's very transparent on and off cam. I really idolize her because she's God fearing, beautiful and talented.

           If read my previous posts from last year, you will have the idea that I'm in love with makeups although  I don't wear those everyday. I just fond watching on youtube on how to apply makeup and those techniques. I love watching makeup tutorials by Miss Ana Victorino because she's really good and the products she's using is very affordable and easy to find in drugstores. 
            This lady is very adorable and fabulous! Well that's not new anymore because she's famous when it comes to fashion here in the Philippines. I really like her sense when it comes fashion and she gives me and also ladies out there ideas on how to wear clothes properly with class.

               I've known this guy February of this year because of his youtube videos. He is really great and not just an ordinary blogger because he gives people advices regarding on love and life. His blog is really interesting as well as his videos. For sure, you will always visit his blog after you read this post  because you will really relate his topics and his sense of humor is amazing!

             Food is really my weakness especially desserts! I love eating cake in different flavors and brownies. I always visit this blog because it gives me knowledge on baking and the blogger is a Filipino. Her baking tutorials/procedures are very clear and easy to understand. One of these days I will try to blog regarding on food and share my experience in baking.

              I'm sure you will never regret in visiting these blogs and I know you will really enjoy reading. :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happiness and Loss

    In my last post, I announced that I'm gonna select blog sites that will fill my NEW BLOG LIST. However, something came out unexpectedly that change my life in a snap that's why I wasn't able to update my blog regarding the selection. I will try my best to select blog sites next week.

   THE HAPPINESS. Speaking of  "something came out", last October 15, I found out that I was pregnant thru pregnancy tests and day after I went to the Obgyne for prenatal. I was spotting that time so the doctor advice me to file a leave in my work and have a bed rest for a week. On October 24, I married the most loving, caring, sweet and wonderful person I ever known. I'm very bless to have him in my life because he puts a meaning on it. Our wedding held at the Mayor's Office because we are running out of time. The day after our wedding, my husband flew to Manila because of work purposes. It's very difficult to live without your husband while you're pregnant. Aside from the fact that I miss him, I need to be strong for the baby and the sad part is, he will come home after 9 months. But the good thing is, his parents are very supportive and caring. They never let me feel that I'm alone. 

    The Loss. Last November 11, I spotted (blood) again. I was very scared that time because I don't know what's happening and I don't know what to do. I went to the hospital right away and have my prenatal. My doctor told me to have a transvaginal ultrasound to know if my baby is okay. I was in my 11th week of pregnancy that time but ultrasound shows that I'm less than 4 weeks pregnant. The doctor said that either my baby develops late or the development stop. I was very depressed that time and hoping that my husband will call because I really need him. It's my first time to face this kind of problem and situation. Two weeks after, I lost our baby. The baby didn't form at all, it was still a blood but then it really hurts. Luckily I have a loving family and caring In-laws. 

   I know God has the reason why I lost our baby but I'm sure God will give us at the right time. I always keep on mind that I'm still very bless because I have loving and caring people around me. My husband gives me strength and always put situations in a positive manner. For now, I'm moving on, hoping that I can cope up in my work, wait for my husband to come home, pray for our safety and save for our church wedding next year.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Go for New Blog List

   I decided to change my blog lists because some of the blogs are already inactive and I just want to change things on my blog. I deleted the icons of the recent blogs that I used to visit before. I had the hard time to update my blog because of my work and personal issues. As of now, I'm still undecided regarding on my new blog list. I will start blog hopping tomorrow until next week. I don't have any criteria on picking as long as the blogs are interesting, entertaining, idealistic and helpful. 

   If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below and I will be glad to visit those blogs.

   Thanks Guys!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Misschicshoppe (quick post)

   Hi Sisters! Please like my online shop page in facebook and follow in instagram. I will be selling gorgeous tops, tees and skirts. Stay updated! Muah. <3 p="">

Instagram- @misschicshoppe

Saturday, August 24, 2013


   I'm a fan of Strawberrytelle because the admins and some members give advices about relationships and other "love thing". I can really relate some of the posts and the fan page helps me to be a broad minded person when it comes to love/ loving someone. 

   Try to check the facebook page of Strawberrytelle and learn something from it. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy reading the posts of the admins and members.

    This photo really caught my attention because it reminds me about my promise and loyalty to my baby. :))

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!

  You came into my life unexpectedly. Until now I still can't believe that I already have you in my life. I agree with you that there is such love at first sight existing. Happy birthday baby! I wish you will spend your special day with happiness. We maybe far from each other right now but my love for you grows everyday.

   I love you baby and see you SOON.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


  I almost lose hope in waiting for someone that will love me unconditionally. Maybe we are not a perfect couple but we are trying to make things in the right place. Distance can be a hindrance in our relationship but I will my best to understand the situation. Distance will test our love, trust and loyalty for each other.

Thank you for coming into my life. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Blog

   Hi there! Happy New Year Everyone! I was having a difficulty to blog for the past few months due to my busy skeds.. HAHAHAHa.. Parang artista lang! Anyway, I wanna thank my friends out there that visit my blog every now and then just to check for my new update. Hahahaha. Meron ba? What's new for me now? well I have a new tumblr account. If you have time, kindly visit

   I want to greet my very close college friend Kriza, a happy a birthday! I wish you all the best Kriz and I'm always here to support you. I love you very much and thanks for being a good friend.