Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happiness and Loss

    In my last post, I announced that I'm gonna select blog sites that will fill my NEW BLOG LIST. However, something came out unexpectedly that change my life in a snap that's why I wasn't able to update my blog regarding the selection. I will try my best to select blog sites next week.

   THE HAPPINESS. Speaking of  "something came out", last October 15, I found out that I was pregnant thru pregnancy tests and day after I went to the Obgyne for prenatal. I was spotting that time so the doctor advice me to file a leave in my work and have a bed rest for a week. On October 24, I married the most loving, caring, sweet and wonderful person I ever known. I'm very bless to have him in my life because he puts a meaning on it. Our wedding held at the Mayor's Office because we are running out of time. The day after our wedding, my husband flew to Manila because of work purposes. It's very difficult to live without your husband while you're pregnant. Aside from the fact that I miss him, I need to be strong for the baby and the sad part is, he will come home after 9 months. But the good thing is, his parents are very supportive and caring. They never let me feel that I'm alone. 

    The Loss. Last November 11, I spotted (blood) again. I was very scared that time because I don't know what's happening and I don't know what to do. I went to the hospital right away and have my prenatal. My doctor told me to have a transvaginal ultrasound to know if my baby is okay. I was in my 11th week of pregnancy that time but ultrasound shows that I'm less than 4 weeks pregnant. The doctor said that either my baby develops late or the development stop. I was very depressed that time and hoping that my husband will call because I really need him. It's my first time to face this kind of problem and situation. Two weeks after, I lost our baby. The baby didn't form at all, it was still a blood but then it really hurts. Luckily I have a loving family and caring In-laws. 

   I know God has the reason why I lost our baby but I'm sure God will give us at the right time. I always keep on mind that I'm still very bless because I have loving and caring people around me. My husband gives me strength and always put situations in a positive manner. For now, I'm moving on, hoping that I can cope up in my work, wait for my husband to come home, pray for our safety and save for our church wedding next year.  

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