Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My New Blog List

             Hi Friends! I've been very busy these past few weeks that's why I wasn't able to find a time to update my new blog list. Anyway this will just be a short post for this day. I started blog hopping yesterday and I pick 5 bloggers to fill my blog list.

Yeng Constantino
       I always visit her blog because it keeps me updated on her life. She's very transparent on and off cam. I really idolize her because she's God fearing, beautiful and talented.

           If read my previous posts from last year, you will have the idea that I'm in love with makeups although  I don't wear those everyday. I just fond watching on youtube on how to apply makeup and those techniques. I love watching makeup tutorials by Miss Ana Victorino because she's really good and the products she's using is very affordable and easy to find in drugstores. 
            This lady is very adorable and fabulous! Well that's not new anymore because she's famous when it comes to fashion here in the Philippines. I really like her sense when it comes fashion and she gives me and also ladies out there ideas on how to wear clothes properly with class.

               I've known this guy February of this year because of his youtube videos. He is really great and not just an ordinary blogger because he gives people advices regarding on love and life. His blog is really interesting as well as his videos. For sure, you will always visit his blog after you read this post  because you will really relate his topics and his sense of humor is amazing!

             Food is really my weakness especially desserts! I love eating cake in different flavors and brownies. I always visit this blog because it gives me knowledge on baking and the blogger is a Filipino. Her baking tutorials/procedures are very clear and easy to understand. One of these days I will try to blog regarding on food and share my experience in baking.

              I'm sure you will never regret in visiting these blogs and I know you will really enjoy reading. :)

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