Monday, February 27, 2012

Loving Bohol

     I have three official accounts in facebook and when I signed in on my second account, I found pictures I took when I was in Bohol. Last year, our advertising subject had an educational tour in Cebu and Bohol. In Cebu, we visit to the different companies like IPI. Going to Bohol is not for company visit but for relaxation and beautiful scenery. I other words, Bohol is like a bonus in our tour. The place is so very solemn and all I can say is "WOW". You can breath fresh air and you can only see nice spots in there like the beaches. I remember when we went to Church which I forgot the name, my teacher asked me to leave because I'm wearing short pants and I was so embarrassed. HAHAHA.

      Anyway, we also went to Chocolate Hills and it's my first time to go there. I was really amaze of the place especially when we visit the Tarshier Conservation Area. According to the tour Guide, we need to keep quiet when taking some pictures because tarshiers are easily get stress and we should not take close-up pictures to them. The most exciting part was when we ate in a floating restaurant. I forgot if it was an "eat-all-you-can" but the foods were really delicious. 
    I will definitely go back in Bohol for vacation maybe next year of summer because spending money to travel in this place is very worthy. You will not be disappointed in the place especially the treatment of the people in there. You should to try to visit Bohol and I'm sure that you will really appreciate the place. :)

Cebu Port

Port of Tagbilaran

Floating Resto

With Sir
Tarshier Conservation Area
Smile :)
Godz in Chocolate Hills

Church (forgot the name)

How about you guys? Where's your favorite destination?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

      Last February 19 was the wedding day of my BFF and I wasn't able to attend because of my hectic schedule. Faith ( my BFF) and I started to bloom our friendship when we were in High School. She was my classmate from first year to fourth year high school and we are really best buds until now. Actually, we are six in the group and even we are the same school in college our friendship continues to grow each day. We share our deepest secrets, happiness, blessings and we really support each other. Sometimes we fight but we don't let our friendship to suffer and end. 
      When we were in first year college, she told us about his boyfriend and the attitudes that she likes about him. She told us that their relationship is getting better each day and her boyfriend really cares and love her a lot. I'm happy that she found someone like him that will not hurt her like other guys do. Of course, her boyfriend is also lucky to found her because she's sweet even though she has the attitude of being mean sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA. Joke.
        When she announced last year that she and Ibnee are already getting married, I was like "AS IN?!" "BUTI NAMAN!". Hahaha. I was very excited that time and I'm thinking if what will be my gift for them. I know that they are still young but age doesn't matter when it comes to love. I know that it's too early for them to settle down but they love each other and I'm sure that they will have a happy family and take care their baby as well. 
        For my Best friend and Ibnee, I wish that you will love each other eternally and I hope that you will be good parents to your baby. I really wish you all the best and I'm sorry that I didn't make it to your wedding day.

Photo credits to Raymond Portraits Photography

Photo credits to Raymond Portraits Photography

Photo credits to Ibnee Idris


Friday, February 17, 2012

Goldfish for our Business Plan

     After serving for 150 hours for the company where I was assigned to be an intern, the owner told us to make a Business Plan and of course with unique product.The Business Plan will serve as the final requirement of our On the Job Training and if we will be successful, we will surely graduate on this coming March. It's really a pressure on our part because of the time given to us plus we are not in the mood in doing it. HAHAHAHA. But hey! This is for our future and for sure, we will able to do it successfully because we already made lots of business plan for almost four years! 

    Our group had a hard time to decide if what will be our product because we have different ideas and suggestions plus, the product must be unique and easy to do. Making a business plan is a tough one because you need to gather information and make a survey from different people that will serve as your respondents. The most difficult and painful part is the financial aspect because you need to do it correctly. Hiring an accountant is very expensive so if you're a business student, you need to review your accounting. :(

    So in the last minute, we decided to make a business plan for goldfish or goldfish farm. We chose gold fish as our product because here in our place (Zamboanga), there are pet shops that selling gold fish but they need to order from manila. The gold fish that are available here are only the small to medium ones, so we will offer small, medium and large ones. We will serve as the supplier of gold fish here in Zamboanga. We will not have a difficulty in the place where the business will be located because my colleague will be responsible for it.

   I hope the owner of the company will be appreciate and pass our business plan. It is indeed costly but to be successful, we need to take the risk. Good luck to US!    

Any suggestions for our business plan?

photos taken from

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Top Three Favorite Blogs

I'm enjoying Blog Hopping every time I'm in front of a computer or laptop. There are lots of blogs that I love to visit and it gives me inspiration to blog the things that I want to share. My favorite bloggers give me ideas and advice on what to do or how to deal with things and stuffs. Before having a blog, I have already the hobby to visits blogs that entertains me and I'm very proud of the owners of the blogs because they are sharing and expressing what they want to do and how they feel.So I decided to have a blog so that I can express my ideas and share things about me. I have lots of favorite blogs but I will only share the top three or the three blogs that I love most.

First is Yeng Constantino's blog I really love her blog because aside from the fact that she's my idol, she also shares what is happening in her life that feels like I'm near to her. She keeps her fans updated not only on the gigs she will have but also the happenings in her life like the places she visited and the friends she have.  You know, not all our idols have a personal blog. Yes they have a website that keep us updated but usually they are not the one who handles it.

 photo credits to Yeng Constantino

Second is Bianca Gonzalez blog Like Yeng, she also shares what her life is not only on-cam but also off-cam. I really got to her deeply through her blog because she usually shares what she's into mostly off-cam. She's one of my favorite host on TV and she has a great humor in fashion.

photo credits to Bianca Gonzalez

My third favorite blog is by Noe Mae Villa-Gee. What I love on her blog is she gives me ideas about make-ups and she made me realize that i can do it by myself by learning through her tutorials. Since I known her blog, I already didn't bother to look for a make-up artist to do my makeover when I'm attending a party. I started to buy some make-ups and practice after watching her make-up video tutorial to make my work perfect. <3

photo credits to Noe-Mae Villa-Gee

How about you? What is/are your favorite blog?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Job Fair 2012

Most of us wants a job immediately after college graduation that fits our course. Accordingly, fresh graduates can get their transcript og records after one month of graduation and that's freaking me out because I don't like to stay in the house for one month. I love to have a vacation but I also want to work after so that I can already earn money for myself. 

Last February 10 that was last friday, our school conducted a job fair. I was really excited yet nervous before the job fair because I don't know what to wear and I can't decide if where I will apply. Plus, I'm not sure if my resume is impressive so I keep on editing and editing until the last minute. Most of my classmated decided to apply in the private companies because there were hirings and vacant positions. For me, I decided to apply in the three different banks but sadly, I was able to pass my resume only in Banco de Oro. I was eager to apply in One Network Bank because they need tellers, accounting clerks and loan manager assistants but the interview was already closed :(
In the last minute, my BF told me to apply in PC911 because they have hiring sales person. At first, I didn't like the idea but since it's only for summer and part-time job, I did apply and the interview went well. The interviewer asked me if I'm willing to assign in Davao City as Marketing Staff and I said "it depends on the COMPENSATION". HAHAHA! Well practically speaking, renting an apartment or boarding house is very costly plus the other expenses so if I will work in other place I want a good compensation.  :)

My friends and I took some pictures during the Job Fair.

Ate Abbie, Me, Ate Debbie and Shane



Photos by : Debbie Monjardin

Friday, February 10, 2012

Skin Care 101

I have this oily skin and my will be ruined if it turned out like that. I tried different products that will lessen the oiliness my face. Most of them do not have an effect and make it worse tha before. But then again, I have to discover and try other products for my oily skin. Last year we went to cebu for our educational tour and when we went in SM, the sales lady recommend me a product named Nivea Visage Deep Pore Control Toner. I bought it already so that I can try it. I also use Ponds Oil Control Facial Foam that sponges excess oil and dirt without drying your face. Obviously, I will use first the Pond's Facial Foam and then Nivea Visage Toner.

 Pond's Oil Control Facial Foam for only 67php.

Nivea Visage Deep Pore Control Toner for only 140php

These two products help me from having an oily skin especially when I am in school and duty. My day will not be complete if I will not use this products. I use this every morning after shower and every night before sleep.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wanted: moms,students, yuppies! Your idea might be what #Unilab is looking for. Share it and get rewarded.

Wanted: moms,students, yuppies! Your idea might be what #Unilab is looking for. Share it and get rewarded.

Busy I am!

It's been two months since I blog and it hurts me so much because I don't have the time. After the Ateneo Fiesta, I was busy with my "On the Job Training" interview. I was hoping that I will be assign in a company that will surely challenge me. I am not saying that I dislike where I am right now, it's just like I want different environment. Anyway, I am assign in Soliventure Inc. to be exact in Bloomingdales Department Store. You can see me in 2nd and 3rd floor depends in my mood. HAHA! I was assigned originally in 3rd floor teens wear area but I like in the 2nd floor because I can see glamorous dresses. I've been doing sales talk to the customers since last December 2011. Haay!

Again, I've been very busy for the last two months until NOW. There's a lot problems we encountered but I hope we will able to graduate this March. We were obliged to render 200 hours and I'm already in my 140 hours! Good luck to me :)

Sorry for the low quality picture :(

With co-interns Debbie and Janine and Ate Carmen the Sales Staff