Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy I am!

It's been two months since I blog and it hurts me so much because I don't have the time. After the Ateneo Fiesta, I was busy with my "On the Job Training" interview. I was hoping that I will be assign in a company that will surely challenge me. I am not saying that I dislike where I am right now, it's just like I want different environment. Anyway, I am assign in Soliventure Inc. to be exact in Bloomingdales Department Store. You can see me in 2nd and 3rd floor depends in my mood. HAHA! I was assigned originally in 3rd floor teens wear area but I like in the 2nd floor because I can see glamorous dresses. I've been doing sales talk to the customers since last December 2011. Haay!

Again, I've been very busy for the last two months until NOW. There's a lot problems we encountered but I hope we will able to graduate this March. We were obliged to render 200 hours and I'm already in my 140 hours! Good luck to me :)

Sorry for the low quality picture :(

With co-interns Debbie and Janine and Ate Carmen the Sales Staff

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