Friday, February 17, 2012

Goldfish for our Business Plan

     After serving for 150 hours for the company where I was assigned to be an intern, the owner told us to make a Business Plan and of course with unique product.The Business Plan will serve as the final requirement of our On the Job Training and if we will be successful, we will surely graduate on this coming March. It's really a pressure on our part because of the time given to us plus we are not in the mood in doing it. HAHAHAHA. But hey! This is for our future and for sure, we will able to do it successfully because we already made lots of business plan for almost four years! 

    Our group had a hard time to decide if what will be our product because we have different ideas and suggestions plus, the product must be unique and easy to do. Making a business plan is a tough one because you need to gather information and make a survey from different people that will serve as your respondents. The most difficult and painful part is the financial aspect because you need to do it correctly. Hiring an accountant is very expensive so if you're a business student, you need to review your accounting. :(

    So in the last minute, we decided to make a business plan for goldfish or goldfish farm. We chose gold fish as our product because here in our place (Zamboanga), there are pet shops that selling gold fish but they need to order from manila. The gold fish that are available here are only the small to medium ones, so we will offer small, medium and large ones. We will serve as the supplier of gold fish here in Zamboanga. We will not have a difficulty in the place where the business will be located because my colleague will be responsible for it.

   I hope the owner of the company will be appreciate and pass our business plan. It is indeed costly but to be successful, we need to take the risk. Good luck to US!    

Any suggestions for our business plan?

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