Saturday, February 11, 2012

Job Fair 2012

Most of us wants a job immediately after college graduation that fits our course. Accordingly, fresh graduates can get their transcript og records after one month of graduation and that's freaking me out because I don't like to stay in the house for one month. I love to have a vacation but I also want to work after so that I can already earn money for myself. 

Last February 10 that was last friday, our school conducted a job fair. I was really excited yet nervous before the job fair because I don't know what to wear and I can't decide if where I will apply. Plus, I'm not sure if my resume is impressive so I keep on editing and editing until the last minute. Most of my classmated decided to apply in the private companies because there were hirings and vacant positions. For me, I decided to apply in the three different banks but sadly, I was able to pass my resume only in Banco de Oro. I was eager to apply in One Network Bank because they need tellers, accounting clerks and loan manager assistants but the interview was already closed :(
In the last minute, my BF told me to apply in PC911 because they have hiring sales person. At first, I didn't like the idea but since it's only for summer and part-time job, I did apply and the interview went well. The interviewer asked me if I'm willing to assign in Davao City as Marketing Staff and I said "it depends on the COMPENSATION". HAHAHA! Well practically speaking, renting an apartment or boarding house is very costly plus the other expenses so if I will work in other place I want a good compensation.  :)

My friends and I took some pictures during the Job Fair.

Ate Abbie, Me, Ate Debbie and Shane



Photos by : Debbie Monjardin

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