Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Top Three Favorite Blogs

I'm enjoying Blog Hopping every time I'm in front of a computer or laptop. There are lots of blogs that I love to visit and it gives me inspiration to blog the things that I want to share. My favorite bloggers give me ideas and advice on what to do or how to deal with things and stuffs. Before having a blog, I have already the hobby to visits blogs that entertains me and I'm very proud of the owners of the blogs because they are sharing and expressing what they want to do and how they feel.So I decided to have a blog so that I can express my ideas and share things about me. I have lots of favorite blogs but I will only share the top three or the three blogs that I love most.

First is Yeng Constantino's blog yengconstantino.tumblr.com. I really love her blog because aside from the fact that she's my idol, she also shares what is happening in her life that feels like I'm near to her. She keeps her fans updated not only on the gigs she will have but also the happenings in her life like the places she visited and the friends she have.  You know, not all our idols have a personal blog. Yes they have a website that keep us updated but usually they are not the one who handles it.

 photo credits to Yeng Constantino

Second is Bianca Gonzalez blog iamsuperbianca.com. Like Yeng, she also shares what her life is not only on-cam but also off-cam. I really got to her deeply through her blog because she usually shares what she's into mostly off-cam. She's one of my favorite host on TV and she has a great humor in fashion.

photo credits to Bianca Gonzalez

My third favorite blog is colorismyweapon.blogspot.com by Noe Mae Villa-Gee. What I love on her blog is she gives me ideas about make-ups and she made me realize that i can do it by myself by learning through her tutorials. Since I known her blog, I already didn't bother to look for a make-up artist to do my makeover when I'm attending a party. I started to buy some make-ups and practice after watching her make-up video tutorial to make my work perfect. <3

photo credits to Noe-Mae Villa-Gee

How about you? What is/are your favorite blog?

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