Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

      Last February 19 was the wedding day of my BFF and I wasn't able to attend because of my hectic schedule. Faith ( my BFF) and I started to bloom our friendship when we were in High School. She was my classmate from first year to fourth year high school and we are really best buds until now. Actually, we are six in the group and even we are the same school in college our friendship continues to grow each day. We share our deepest secrets, happiness, blessings and we really support each other. Sometimes we fight but we don't let our friendship to suffer and end. 
      When we were in first year college, she told us about his boyfriend and the attitudes that she likes about him. She told us that their relationship is getting better each day and her boyfriend really cares and love her a lot. I'm happy that she found someone like him that will not hurt her like other guys do. Of course, her boyfriend is also lucky to found her because she's sweet even though she has the attitude of being mean sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA. Joke.
        When she announced last year that she and Ibnee are already getting married, I was like "AS IN?!" "BUTI NAMAN!". Hahaha. I was very excited that time and I'm thinking if what will be my gift for them. I know that they are still young but age doesn't matter when it comes to love. I know that it's too early for them to settle down but they love each other and I'm sure that they will have a happy family and take care their baby as well. 
        For my Best friend and Ibnee, I wish that you will love each other eternally and I hope that you will be good parents to your baby. I really wish you all the best and I'm sorry that I didn't make it to your wedding day.

Photo credits to Raymond Portraits Photography

Photo credits to Raymond Portraits Photography

Photo credits to Ibnee Idris


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