Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tug of War

I really enjoyed the Ateneo Fiesta 2011 because of different activities although I did not participate in any sport and non sport events but I volunteer to helped in our organization. I also cheer in different sports events as a sign in supporting our players. On the third day of Ateneo Fiesta, I texted my classmate if where she is because I will give to her my contribution in our Feasibility Study. She texted me right away that she is in the backfield. So I went there and I was a little bit of shocked and surprised because she gave the gloves and told me to weigh in. I don't have any choice cause our team lacks players for tug of war (well according to them the weight of two teams must be equal). Sadly, we lose the fight but it's a very nice experience because it's my first time.

pictures taken from april :)

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