Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Graduation Day!

     Yesterday was so "hot" in the Ateneo's MPCC and my head wants to burst because my hood was lost. My Mother was the one carrying my graduation gown together with the cap and hood. We were very panicked thinking that I am the only graduate that does not have/wear a hood. Luckily, when my Sister went to the Guard to ask if there was someone returned a hood, the Guard says yes and it was mine. I was very happy yesterday and ver inspired with the message of our Valedictorian. According to to him, "It is what you do that defines you" and he got this message from Batman Begins. We were really straving during the graduation because it ended at 8pm plus, we were not allowed to eat inside the MPCC.

      To my Alma Mater, I will surely never forget you and continue to be a true Atenean as I start my journey. To my teachers, thank you for teaching me the right lessons that I need to have a successful career. To my BF, thank you for being there for me, helping me in my problems and sharing with me the good times and the bad times.. To my Family and Friends, thank you for supporting me and giving me the advice that will help me in my studies.And thank you Lord for guiding me the right path to achieve my goals in life.

Soar High Ateneo! Congratulations Graduates!

with BF <3
with Ovym

with Godzzzz

with Ate Lois
with Ivy


with Chummy
with my Mother

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