Thursday, March 15, 2012

Danielle's 1st Birthday

     I was super happy yesterday because the final graduating list had already posted and my NAME is there! I was like..waaaaaah! It's already official that I will graduate this March! But there was also one thing that I discovered, the woman who mess with my very good friend was not there. I want to think it's Karma for her because of what she done on their paper work but I feel sad also because she need to take again the subject. I took pictures on the graduating list and upload it right away in facebook..hahaha.. After that I went to Mindpro because my Boyfriend and Godz were waiting.

      At six in the afternoon I went to A Taste Of Asia Resto to attend the 1st birthday of my cousin named Danielle. It was the second time I saw her because we live far from each other and I am very busy to visit her in their house. She is such an adorable and cheerful child. She loves to play around and laugh with other kids. The foods were delicious and it was so fun because there were lots of kids playing. You know seeing happy kids can take away stress. I wish her a good health and I hope that she will be a good daughter.

        After the Birthday party I already went home and watched my favorite teleserye Walang Hanggan and reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

A Taste Of Asia Restaurant
The Birthday girl with her Mom

DAnielle with my Aunt

Cute Cake :))

My cousin Arhiza
Together with my relatives
My relatives
Pabitin (blurrrd)
Marielle and Nashalie
Nice post..hahaha

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