Friday, March 30, 2012

15 Versatile Blogger Award

   I am very proud to say that I was awarded as one of the versatile blogger award by Robi Marapao. I don't know him personally but I know that he is such a wonderful person. I wanna thank him for picking me as one of the newly discovered blog. It is such an honor to me. You can see his post here - The Events.

   There are three easy ways to follow:

  • Thank the blogger who awarded you and add a link to their blog in your post.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Share the award with 15 other recently discovered blogs that you love and inform them!

    Seven Things about Myself: 

  • I dislike watching horror movie.
  • I'm a snob outside but friendly inside. 
  • I love to read pocketbooks..hahaha
  • I'm obsessed in Leche Plan.
  • Cooking is my hobby.
  • I easily get bored in staying at home doing nothing.LOL
  • I am very eager to have a stable job to buy the things that I want.
     It is a pleasure to share the award to other bloggers and I hope that they will treasure this a lot. Congratulations and God Bless!

     Don't forget to share this awards :)

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9.  Violy Vallester
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11.                        Baterya Ginoo
12.          Alexander Singcol
13.              Rachelle Daniel
14.           Jay Ryan McStone
15.                 Eymard Sioho

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Graduation Day!

     Yesterday was so "hot" in the Ateneo's MPCC and my head wants to burst because my hood was lost. My Mother was the one carrying my graduation gown together with the cap and hood. We were very panicked thinking that I am the only graduate that does not have/wear a hood. Luckily, when my Sister went to the Guard to ask if there was someone returned a hood, the Guard says yes and it was mine. I was very happy yesterday and ver inspired with the message of our Valedictorian. According to to him, "It is what you do that defines you" and he got this message from Batman Begins. We were really straving during the graduation because it ended at 8pm plus, we were not allowed to eat inside the MPCC.

      To my Alma Mater, I will surely never forget you and continue to be a true Atenean as I start my journey. To my teachers, thank you for teaching me the right lessons that I need to have a successful career. To my BF, thank you for being there for me, helping me in my problems and sharing with me the good times and the bad times.. To my Family and Friends, thank you for supporting me and giving me the advice that will help me in my studies.And thank you Lord for guiding me the right path to achieve my goals in life.

Soar High Ateneo! Congratulations Graduates!

with BF <3
with Ovym

with Godzzzz

with Ate Lois
with Ivy


with Chummy
with my Mother

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fnatic 100k Fan Celebration

   FnaticRaidCall is one of the worlds best competitive video gaming teams, consisting of players who all make a living from competing in video gaming tournaments globally. Check for more information! You have the chance to win 10x gaming mice, gaming headset, gaming jacket, team uniform and also cool glasses.

Prizes <3

   If you want to join just click this link and answer the three easy questions <3

   Goodluck <3

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Danielle's 1st Birthday

     I was super happy yesterday because the final graduating list had already posted and my NAME is there! I was like..waaaaaah! It's already official that I will graduate this March! But there was also one thing that I discovered, the woman who mess with my very good friend was not there. I want to think it's Karma for her because of what she done on their paper work but I feel sad also because she need to take again the subject. I took pictures on the graduating list and upload it right away in facebook..hahaha.. After that I went to Mindpro because my Boyfriend and Godz were waiting.

      At six in the afternoon I went to A Taste Of Asia Resto to attend the 1st birthday of my cousin named Danielle. It was the second time I saw her because we live far from each other and I am very busy to visit her in their house. She is such an adorable and cheerful child. She loves to play around and laugh with other kids. The foods were delicious and it was so fun because there were lots of kids playing. You know seeing happy kids can take away stress. I wish her a good health and I hope that she will be a good daughter.

        After the Birthday party I already went home and watched my favorite teleserye Walang Hanggan and reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

A Taste Of Asia Restaurant
The Birthday girl with her Mom

DAnielle with my Aunt

Cute Cake :))

My cousin Arhiza
Together with my relatives
My relatives
Pabitin (blurrrd)
Marielle and Nashalie
Nice post..hahaha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mich Eats and Shops Blog Giveaway

    I always joining blog giveaways cause obviously I want to win the nice prizes. hahaha. Recently, I joined the Blogversary Giveaway of micheatsandshops and I hope I'll win. The owner of the blog is my co-Zamboanga Blogger.. Mich let the readers choose the prize that they love to have or win. For me, I chose the Mark & Spencer's Lotion because I want to moisturize my skin and I always use lotion and carry them all the time. I hope I will win the giveaway. :)

    If you want to join, just visit her blog and I'm sure you will surely want to win the prizes. The giveaway is open until April 10, 2012.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our OJT Final Presentation

    I was the most nervous person during our Final Presentation because my group was assigned to present first and I'm in charge in the introduction speech. I was afraid that time because the CEO might dislike our presentation especially our business plan. I really made our ppt very attractive and I made sure that all the details are there. It's a little bit pressure to me because I'm the leader in our group. Anyway, our presentation went well and also the other group. I was really amaze because some of the group were really impressive and I'm sure that all of us made our best effort.

    I just wanna thank the CEO of Soliventure Philippines Inc., Mr. Pocholo Soliven for giving us the opportunity to work as an intern in his business. I will really treasure the learning and experiences I had during the duty. I also like to thank our moderators Mr. Feliciano Montaño and Mr. Edwin Pamaran for guiding and supporting us from day one to last. Right now, I'm sure all of the Interns are really proud of themselves and excited in the incoming graduation. Congratulations to US!

with Sir Montaño

Friday, March 2, 2012

My March Wishlist

     Our graduation is fast approaching and I am so excited because finally there's already a good result of my hard work in studying. I have many plans after graduation like job-hunting, shopping and go to places that I like. Of course I need to work first in able to reach my goals in life and buy the things I want. This semester is really hard and tough for me because I have many requirements to do in able to graduate like Business Plan and On the Job Training and projects from other subjects. I have also a problem regarding my tuition because there are unknown accounts in my adzu portal :(
     Today I will share to you my wish list for this month and I'm wishing that I can have this as a graduation gift (any of these). 


        I really want to have a pair of this kind of shoes/sandals this month cause I don't have one yet and I'm into flats.

A heart shape makeup pallete
           I'm a makeup lover but I only have a 12 colors of eyeshadow so I want to have a new one with many colors/swatches.

sony cybershot Dsc-W620/B

           Just a sony cybershot will be fine to me and I will be very happy if I will have one as a gift :)

Acer pink laptop

          My pc monitor is not in a good condition so instead of buying one, I just prefer a laptop so that I can carry anywhere.