Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Post: My Collections

 Most of us are having the passion of collecting things that we desire. We really treasure those things and we even took a picture of it and upload it in our blog or facebook just to show that we love it. Aside from make-ups, I also collect nail polish and tagalog pocketbooks. I have frosted, regular and cracked nail polish which I bought in our company (where I work). I just love changing my nail color every now and then even though I do my own laundry at home. Hihihihi.

  Yea I know it's corny and some of you may think that I'm weird because I love reading and collecting tagalog pocketbooks. Some people think that english is better than tagalog but I don't care at all. HAHAHA. I just have this habit in buying lots of pocketbooks and if I have vacant time, I prefer to read one even at school before. I also read english novels in library when I was still college but seriously, I can't afford to buy those stuff.. :)

Rain and Nailtex

Frosted black Nailtex


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