Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just a Thought

             I am planning to create a new blog right now because I feel that this blog is very old. However, I am thinking about the memories I have in this blog, the efforts I made and the years I spent. As you've notice, my last post in this blog was September last year and I have so many pending post. I don't want to promise right now that I will keep on updating blog cause I'm busy with my work and I'm waiting my pregnancy due. I will be expecting to give birth on first of June 2015. And after that for sure I will be busy being a mom on my baby boy. 

             Speaking of promises, before the summer ends, I will be having a blog giveaway for you friends. Just a little way to say to thank you for being there for me and for understanding me. I'm still thinking if what are the prices for my upcoming giveaway. Stay updated friends and feel free to join. :)


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